We are currently undergoing a technological revolution in genetics. It is widely expected that these changes will bring major health benefits. However, the human genetics revolution also raises profound social and ethical problems, including a possible resurgence of eugenics. There is a widespread concern that genetics is running far ahead of society's ability to cope with these issues.

Human Genetics Alert (HGA) is an independent, secular watchdog group based in London, UK. We are not opposed to genetic research, and support abortion rights. However, we are opposed to some developments, such as genetic discrimination, cloning and inheritable ('germ line') genetic engineering of human beings.

We believe:

  • Genetic research should be driven by genuine need rather than commercial imperatives or social and cultural prejudices
  • Genetic technologies must be applied in away which does not exacerbate existing social inequalities, or create new ones
  • Social problems should not be subjected to "genetic fixes"
  • People must not be seen simply as determined by their genes
  • The public must be able to democratically control human genetics