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For immediate release 5th September

HGA comments on HFEA hybrid embryo decision

Responding to today's decision by the HFEA to allow researchers to create hybrid and genetically modified human embryos, Dr David King, Director of Human Genetics Alert, said: "The decision is very disappointing, but comes as no surprise, since the HFEA can never say no to scientists.  These experiments are scientifically useless and morally very problematic. The research lobby has distorted the scientific facts in order to defuse criticism."

"The HFEA has ignored the strong and clear public opposition to these experiments, shown in the consultation. People's objections to violating the integrity of nature in this way are perfectly rational, and the science establishment ignores and ridicules them at its own peril."

“We are not a pro-life group, but creating embryos purely for research turns them into nothing more than a research tool and a source of raw biological material for experiments. That cannot be consistent with the notion of respect for the moral status embryos which underlies British law."

"The HFEA has deliberately obscured the far more important problems caused by genetically modified (GM) human embryos. If we do not break the conspiracy of silence on GM embryos, the government will sneak legalisation through the back door."

For more information, please call Dr David King on 020 7502 7516.

Notes for editors

1. Human Genetics Alert is an indepent secular, pro-choice watchdog group. Dr David King, HGA's Director is a former molecular biologist.

2. Attached to this messsage is an article by Dr King, recently published in Science and Public Affairs magazine